ICE Lab aims at conducting high-quality research in the broad area of intelligent computing and engineering. Its activity includes research on fundamental principles and aspects of intelligent algorithms & computing, optimization, and security that underly large-scale systems and networks, as well as with the practical application of the derived principles and methods on real-world scenarios.

ICE Lab puts special emphasis in developing intelligent tools that harness large-scale networks and systems, since they play a key role in intelligent computing and engineering as well as in modern data science through the analysis of patterns and structures in data-driven applications.

The main goal of ICE Lab is the establishment of foundational and applied research, as well as of a critical mass of researchers, towards the efficient and effective tackling of algorithmic & optimization problems, security issues, and data representation/routing/manipulation in large-scale systems and networks.

Research Areas

ICE Lab research activities involve a multitude of areas including:

Intelligent Algorithmic Technology

Data-driven and scalable computing


Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services

Decentralized & Edge/Cloud/IoT Computing

Optimization Engines for Decision Support

Cryptography and Information Security

Immersive Environments (Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality)

Smart Computing for Smart Cities


ICE Lab is affiliated with the University of Patras (Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics). It was established in November 2020 and constitutes the outgrowth of the (former) research group ALGOCUR.




Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics, University of Patras
26504 Patras, GREECE